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How to Create a Great Question

A great question can spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and motivate students to learn. That's why questions are an essential part of Go Pangea. Every post that learners create is a response to a question.

Publishers, teachers, and parents can create questions on Go Pangea. Questions often include links to texts, videos, and other resources that assist with learning.​​ Here are some of our favorite questions:

Want more inspiration to help you create a great question? Here are 11 essential question stems to help you get started:

1. How can ______ improve _______? 
How can technology help to improve peoples' lives where you live?

2. How can _______ be applied to ________? 
How can geometry be applied to your career or personal life?

3. How has _______ changed ________? 
How has human behavior changed the environment in your community? 

4. How would you design a new _______? 
How would you design a new school?

5. How does _________ affect __________? 
How does fake news affect people where you live? 

6. What impact did/does __________ have on ________? 
What impact does the media have on elections? 

7. What would __________ be without __________? 
What would your community be like without pollinators?

8. If you were in charge of ____________, what would you change? 
If you were in charge of your town or city, what would you change? 

9. How can you use __________ to inspire ________? 
How can you use storytelling to inspire people take better care of the environment? 

10. What if _______________? 
What if you could go back in time, what would you change? 

11. How might your community change if ______________? 
How might your community change if every person were given $1 million? 

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