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PenPal Schools is now Go Pangea! 

If you haven't already, please create an account on Go Pangea.  You cannot log in with your PenPal Schools account.


We learned from thousands of conversations with teachers and learners about how we can improve our service. Here are some of the big improvements that we've introduced with Go Pangea:

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More Freedom for Learners

On PenPal Schools, learners can only study the topics that are assigned to them by a teacher.

On Go Pangea, learners are free to explore any topic!

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More Options for Teachers

On PenPal Schools, teachers must choose from our prepared topics.

On Go Pangea, any teacher can create a question. The options are limitless!

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Simpler and Quicker

Completing a topic on PenPal Schools often requires multiple class periods.

On Go Pangea, students simply answer questions by creating posts. Some questions can be answered in just a few minutes, while others might require more time to research and respond.

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More Mobile

PenPal Schools works best on a computer.


Go Pangea works great on any device! Check out our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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