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About Go Pangea

Tabaka Academy Students Celebrating in Africa

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote learning and empathy for people everywhere.

We aim to help every learner realize his or her potential. We do this by providing learning experiences that are fun, accessible, and backed by research. Learn more about our approach.

Over time, we aim to increase cooperation and reduce conflict on a global scale. We do this by helping tomorrow’s leaders to build empathy and respect for people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Our Story

We started in 2011 as “PenPal News” with a website that connected students to discuss current events. We soon expanded our curriculum into other subjects and changed our name to “PenPal Schools.”


Over the next 10 years we connected over half a million students in more than 200 countries. During this time we spoke with thousands of educators and students, and learned about new research and trends in schools around the world.


In 2021 we launched a new app to include everything we had learned. That app is called Go Pangea.

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