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Our Pedagogy

Engagement is essential for learning. Go Pangea combines a variety of research-backed principles to make learning fun and accessible for learners everywhere.

Below are our pedagogical principles. Check out How Go Pangea Works to learn how we put these principles into practice.

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Learners explore real-world topics that matter to them. No more asking, "Why do we have to learn this?"

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Learners share their perspectives with real people. That’s way more interesting than working just for a grade.

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Learners explore the topics that interest them and choose the best way to show what they learn.

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Learners search for answers to big questions through research, analysis and reflection. Texts and videos are offered as resources to help answer questions rather than as required work.

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Learners show what they know by creating something original - not by memorizing facts for a test. Projects can take many forms, and often include service work outside of the school or home.

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Learners apply skills and knowledge from across subject areas to explore big questions. Math has a purpose, history comes to life, and writing is essential for self-expression.

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Learners are introduced to people and ideas from a variety of backgrounds.

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Learners can access materials that are appropriate for their age, ability level, and special needs.

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Learners have access to the same opportunities regardless of economic barriers.

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