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How Go Pangea Works

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Getting Started


Teachers Join

Teachers sign up at Teachers create a class and receive a Class Code to invite students.


Learners Join

Students create accounts at and enter the Class Code provided by the teacher.


Learners Connect

Students answer questions that interest them and that teachers assign to the class. Answers are shared with learners from around the world!

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Global and Safe Discussions

Take a Look Inside

Inspiring Questions

Detailed and Unique Answers

Explore thousands of questions created by teachers and award-winning publishers. Questions include videos and texts that help learners to answer thoughtfully. Teachers can choose questions to assign, or create their own!

Learners use text and images to create thoughtful and eye-catching answers. Learners can include up to six slides to share their unique perspectives and support their opinions with facts.

Students from around the world comment on answers to share their own ideas and opinions. All comments are moderated to ensure a safe and healthy community.

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