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Community Moderation

Safety is our top priority at Go Pangea. All posts and comments are reviewed by moderators before they are shared with the Go Pangea community. Moderators reject posts that include disrespectful, hateful, sexual, violent, or threatening language, personal information, false information, or plagiarism.

Go Pangea uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human moderation. Text comments and posts containing only images from our approved-image library are reviewed by AI moderation technology provided by OpenAI (makers of ChatGPT). This enables posts to be approved and shared almost instantly, while still ensuring a safe and respectful community. Posts containing uploaded images are reviewed by AI and by human moderators (typically in under 24 hours).

Teachers, parents, and learners over 18 years old can apply to become moderators below.

Apply to Be a Moderator

Thanks for applying!

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